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    Original Journey v3.0-HI2U

    Download Original Journey Download PC Game Cracked – Original Journey is a 2D hand drawn, sci-fi action-adventure with a bold hand drawn art style. Join the Ato as they embark on a mission to save their home world. Only a mysterious power source discovered on a distant planet can save them but how far will […] More

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    Download Affliction Download PC Game Cracked – Affliction is a survival horror shooter designed to engage players with a thrilling storyline, surreal environments, merciless foes, a chilling atmosphere, and an unforgettable gameplay experience. Players must explore, scavenge, and fight in order to survive and live to tell the tale. More

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    Suicide Guy Sleepin Deeply-HI2U

    Download Suicide Guy: Sleepin’ Deeply Download PC Game Cracked – In this new chapter of “Suicide Guy” you’ll be challenged with even more insane puzzles, generated by the surreal dreams of the Guy. You’ll encounter the weirdest of the living beings as you go deeper and deeper into his subconscious. This time to wake him […] More

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    Download KryptCrawler Download PC Game Cracked – KryptCrawler brings classic first person, grid based Dungeon Crawler gameplay to your PC and VR. Descend into the unknown and explore the perilous depth of the sinister tombs and crypts you are thrown into, armed with nothing but a map and your wits. More

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    Slayer Of Traitors-HI2U

    Download Slayer Of Traitors Download PC Game Cracked – Player is wounded female, who only mission is to kill all zombies in different missions More

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    Bunny Hop League The Surfing-HI2U

    Download Bunny Hop League Download PC Game Cracked – Inspired by old school first person shooters, Bunny Hop League takes you right back to the golden age of gaming, when hopping, strafing and sliding were all the rage. More

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    Mike was Cursed-HI2U

    Download Mike was –°ursed Download PC Game Cracked – In a quiet Canadian town with a population of 17 thousand, people start disappearing; especially women and children. A spouse of a disappeared woman discovered what happened, and returns from his business trip. Once he comes back, he realizes that his family was not the only […] More

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    Brink of Extinction Blitz Ant-HI2U

    Download Brink of Extinction Download PC Game Cracked – Brink of Extinction is a challenging tower defense game set in the ruins of human civilization. Battle swarms of insects over 15 campaign levels and 8 continuous mode levels. At your disposal you have an arsenal of brutal weapons, ranging from machine gun turrets to plasma […] More

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    Kaet Must Die-HI2U

    Download Kaet Must Die! Download PC Game Cracked – You are Kaetheran, an extremely powerful psionicist with a flair for cyberpunk style. You have awoken in a dank sewer without your mind powers. You must figure out how to escape the sewer without losing your life while the blood witch Annalinnia tries to make you […] More

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    Welcome to the Game II-HI2U

    Download Welcome to the Game II Download PC Game Cracked – Welcome to the Game II is an atmospheric horror / strategy / puzzle game that takes you into the world of the deep web in search of the shadow web. Play as an investigative reporter trying to solve a case of a mysterious woman […] More